sPwned's background


sPwned's background
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A brief history of sPwned
You can also get acquainted with our history through videos in this thread.

sPwned is a European guild made by former hardcore players from World of Warcraft. Our history goes as far back as the release of WoW (2005 February 11), on a server named Bloodscalp-EU where we used to play against each other. Later, realizing that we had the same goals and ambitions, we created a successful horde PvP guild on Dentarg known as The Iron Cow. As the server lacked competition we moved on to Magtheridon to create yet another successful PvP guild, namely Raunchy. Worth mentioning is that we brought some new friends from Dentarg, both from alliance and horde into our ranks. As always our players did not play for gear but instead for fun and to win. As stupid as it might sound only a few people played this game for fun, for most mindless farming for epics was more important.

At the release of TBC arena was introduced and our guild was yet again lacking competition. One of our members, Ispide, along with an alliance guy started the project of a European competitive Battlegroup. The server of choice was Stormscale. The project was rather successful and as time passed by more and more people migrated to this very place and made it to the most competitive Battlegroup in Europe and arguably in the world. So to all of you that know about Stormscale in WoW know now that it was originally started by our very own guild Raunchy.

At this point most of us scattered mainly because of the disappointment about WoW TBC in general but also because some members decided to spend all of their spare time in real life. The whole Azeroth came to be all about one single small arena for PvPā€™ers. Flying mounts killed the outdoor PvP possibilities and the introduction of battlegroups made battlegrounds boring. This was too much for most of us. Nevertheless, we always remained in contact with each other on the Raunchy boards. Moreover, we gave Age of Conan a chance and played on the Fury server under the name Libertalia. The guild was indeed successful, however, bugs and lag as well as lack of endgame content plagued the game.

The guild is now inactive, but the team still keeps in touch on these boards.