Elder Scrolls Online - Quality of Life Coop MMO?


Elder Scrolls Online - Quality of Life Coop MMO?
« on: January 28, 2018, 10:35:02 AM »

A friend of mine convinced me to give the Morrowind DLC a shot in ESO, and hey... ain't even bad.

Quality of life scaling!
I think what is shocking for me, is the amount of quality of life improvements that they poured into this game. If you go for the casual approach, this thing just works wonders! You can do any zone on any level because everything scales to you. The scaling covers NPC enemies, the quest rewards, the XP rewards and so on for the ENTIRE game. It even works if you make a party with mismatched levels (a max level guy can quest with a lvl 1 and everything is fine). You just can't go wrong!

It's up to you then, in which order you explore and complete the world. You hate a zone? You can pretty much skip it.

Tagging mobs? Naaaah.
This game removed the tagging mechanic. If someone else kills a mob / boss, but you contribute in any way you get equal rewards. Magic!

Dungeon group finding? Pffff. Public dungeons!
Wish you could travel to the dungeon and just go? Somehow the scaling makes even this work out! You will meet other players inside hence the 'public dungeon' term. It's like a zone, and everyone inside can just do their own thing without ever needing to group up. EZ! There are raids and hard mode dungeons that require proper organized teams, but that is for later.

Faction restrictions only apply in PvP zones. Any faction can play together with any faction in the open-zones.
The Crown Store is not pay-to-win to a level which would be a problem. Sure you can get some XP buffs and some bag space for money, but the main focus is on cosmetic items. Leveling in the game is fairly easy so XP bonuses do not seem like a big deal. There is no combat power for sale.

I finished the Morrowind DLC, and it was well done. Very nostalgic for someone who played Morrowind back in the day.
DLCs in general seem good, and worth the money. The Dark Brotherhood one is kickass so far!

Here are some vids on the DLCs:

ESO feels like a very well done coop MMO. Chill, but also surprisingly brave and clever at times.

Steam Review: http://steamcommunity.com/id/brevi/recommended/306130

My char a wood elf Night Blade working for the Dark Brotherhood.
Of course, also a werewolf! :D