Alternate Sequel Trilogy Concept Draft


Alternate Sequel Trilogy Concept Draft
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Alternate Sequel Trilogy Concept Draft

For randoms on the interwebs: This is purely unofficial, just written by a fan.
Written in around half an hour, do not expect pristine wording.

< Events of Return of the Jedi>
The Galactic Empire falls, The Galactic Republic and the Senate returns.
Han & Leia marry, live together, grow old together.
Luke opens a new Jedi temple, teaches guys and gals who join. The recruits have only minimal force affinity & fail at anything but base abilities.
The Jedi Order therefore does not return to full strength, but principles are understood and peace is maintained.
The Republic is generally a better place to live, freedom and liberty are universal.
Criminal problems however increase without the military force of Empire's rule -> outlaws, smugglers, pirates etc... Can be a subplot.
Military technology advance is slow within the Republic as wellfare is put on priority.

Empire forces retreat to the periphery of the galaxy with a few Star Destroyers and compliment. The rest lays down arms / integrated.
The periphery is a home to barbaric nomad people who live in chaos and war.
The Empire occupies these planets and creates a totalitarian military dictatorship. They are seen as honorable warriors & saviors by the natives.
The Empire develops rough training programs inspired by the rituals used by the barbarian tribes of the perhiphery.
The new training greatly improves Stormtrooper and Imperial Officer combat effectiveness.
Imperial Officers are now selected only from the best performing combatants.
Military technology advance is rapid under the Empire's rule.

The Galactic Republic believes the Empire forces disbanded / are killed at the periphery.

New characters:
1.) A new force sensitive native child who is discovered and thought dark side mastery by Palpatine's personal guard.
Training is not complete without a Sith master, but the guy is full of raw power and talent.
Dark black hair, tall, badass.
Conceptual name: Vitharr >> Víðarr is a powerful Norse god who survives Ragnarok, and delivers some good old fashioned vengeance. Feels appropriate.
Conceptual look: Ian Somerhalder

2.) Young general from the training program with exceptional strategic genius. Blond, tall, badass.
Lineage from the original Empire.
Scared from heavy combat during the new training program.
Conceptual name: General Liam Terikus
Conceptual look: Brad Pitt

New powers:
Prototype projects left by Vader and Sidius.
Includes a badass looking Sith helmet intended for Vader but put on hold by Sidius fearing Vader's potential power growth.
When worn the helmet amplifies the scope of force to the level where fighters and even capital spaceship can be force controlled.
As a side effect the user is completely unaware of his/her immediate surroundings. E.g. cannot use force powers, or force control objects that are smaller then a fighter.
Macro vs micro thing.
Conceptual name: Force Visor
Conceptual look: Force Unleashed Sith Helmet

Episode 7:
The story is mainly from the Galatic Empire's perspective, establishing the new dark side characters.

<< Establish the state of the universe through a few scenes. Stuff that is written above.

The young dark side user trains rigourously on one the remote planets of the outer periphery.
Telikenitc control over rocks and other objects is fully mastered already, but force lightning remains an obstacle.
Through a final effort of pushing over the limits a full burst of force lightning is achieved.
Luke countless light years away senses that something deeply wrong has happened.
A meeting is held where Luke reveals visions of an unknown dark figure to the military leaders of the Republic.
Most maintain respect to Luke, but they question if the Force ever was truly a factor in the success of the Rebellion.
No action is taken.

Meanwhile the Empire team on the periphery runs into an expeditionary force looking into rumors of Imperial Star Destroyers seen in the region.
The Empire forces are outnumbered but not severely. The expeditionary force is crushed, the two heroes from the Empire display strong feats of power.
They start to develop a mutual respect and begin their friendship. Liam is field promoted to General.

Inspiration for the fight above:

Uknown to the Empire forces, the exploring units had ties to the Republic's military and got off a signal.
The signal recorded an old and a new Star Destroyer, and some of the battle that took place.

Thogether with Luke's word of warning and the signal, the military leaders are now convinced.
They mobilize every available combat vessel in the republic fleet and head to the periphery to confront the threat.

The dark side user senses their coming through visions, and warns his officer friend.
Together they activate droids placed on the edges of the New Imperial Space and detect the coming republic fleet.

The Empire mobiles all warships, but they are still outnumbered 10 to 1.
They decide to use the prototype Sith helmet which is not ready for testing.

Epic space battle time!

Phase 1: Fighters
The Empire's young General outmanouvers the Republic fleet's fighters in a large flanking attack.
The early confontration ends with Empire victory. Tie Fighters destroy a large number of Republic fighters.

Phase 2: Capital Ships
The fighters pull back.
The new dark lord wears the helmet, which now makes him look twice as badass. You are welcome.
He has a series of dark visions and goes through painful physical shocks as the helmet is activated. He almost dies.
His friend never leaves his side and shows strong faith in him. Eventually he is able to gain control and silence the chaos.
As the second phase of the battle starts he reaches out and is able to slightly alter the heading of a Republic capital ship with the force.
The Empire officers cannot believe what comes next.
The two capital ships collide as they are force pulled together creating a massive explosion!
The battle starts to swing heavily Empire favored as capital ships of the Republic are annihilated by the force.
The dark lord removes the helmet into a smile. Cut.

Phase 3: Boarding Party
Luke is on one of the Republic's frigates still active in the engagement.
He is phyiscally affected by the immense darkness when the helmet is being used.
As he begins to understand what is happening he wonders how is this power even possible.
Time is running out, and Luke knows the dark figure is behind the loss of their capital ships.
Luke can feel which Star Destroyer he is on, and issues to board that ship.
Republic boarding parties slam into the Star Destroyer and heavy fighting ensues.

Phase 4: Lightsaber Duel
Republic fighters and Stormtroopers fight on.
Luke uses stealth to move swiftly through the Star Destroyer and engages the dark force user.

Epic lightsaber duel time!

The battle is not one sided, Luke is clearly better at lightsaber combat, while the wild force powers of the new dark lord give him a strong edge.
Eventually Luke disarms him and the dark fighter falls to the floor. In this critical moment Stormtroopers enter and begin to barrage Luke.
He manages to deflects the blaster shots but has to pull out from the battle. He issues the command to retreat.

A few ships managed to escape, but the Republic fleet is decimated. Luke escapes as well.
The Empire suffers minimal causalities.

Episode 8:
The story is mainly from the Galactic Republic's perspective, establishing the new light side characters.

Episode 9:
Final confrontation.

Final Comments:
Just had to write something like this after seeing Disney butcher everything. Comments, ideas & constructive criticism is welcome!