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1.3 for Stellaris is getting closer and it's basically going to revamp the way the game is played and hopefully finally goes from being 'broken but awesome' to 'normal people can finally enjoy this' status. Major changes to how ships are designed, super weapons for fallen empires and fallen empires can awaken and start fucking shit up more than usual just to name a few changes.

But more importantly the workshop is starting to fill up with some badass high quality mods:

Not to mention portraits from every imaginable scifi from Mass Effect to Eve Online. And nazis.


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Crusader Kings II: Reaper's Due

The expansion adds a large number of small features and mechanics around the theme of death, diseases and epidemics:

Symptoms: characters no longer simply become ill through an event, but instead receive one of a variety of symptoms (Cough, Fever, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Headache, Chest Pain, Rash, Cramps, Abdominal pain, Fatigue, Malaise) and over time it will either evolve into a full blown disease, or will simply pass.[3]

Court Physician is a new minor title which you can give out to a well-learned person which makes them responsible for diagnosing and treating illnesses in your court.

New death screams.[4]

Epidemics can now spread along the Silk road when present, and are more likely to spread to rich and coastal provinces while being less likely to spread to poorer inland areas. They will cause depopulation on provinces even after it has died out, reducing tax incomes, levy/garrison sizes, and supply limits. [5]

The Black Death is larger and more deadly, and gets a chance of major outbreak to occur 200 years into any game, regardless of start date. After a major outbreak has happened the disease becomes endemic and may break out again, but likely on a smaller scale.

Ways to defend against epidemics: seclusion of a character's court in his castle, or building Hospitals (new holding type similar to Trade posts or Forts) to increase the disease defense level.[6]

Prosperity system[7]: as opposed to Depopulation, provinces which have not been besieged, raided, or ravaged by disease for a long time will begin to Prosper, and gain certain bonuses- such as extra tax income and faster replenishment of levies. Independent dukes or higher can set one of their Demesne provinces to be their Crown Focus for additional yearly increase and events.

New narrative events such as The rise of a Prophet of Doom, A general belief that the dead have returned to walk the earth and attack the living, or Panic based on a solar eclipse, or the quest for Eternal Life.[8]

New maimed traits (One-handed, One-legged, One-Eyed, Disfigured, or Mangled) to replace the generic maimed , and some associated portrait frames.[9] The health penalty from most of these traits is replaced by a Severely Injured trait with penalties but will be lost after some time has passed.

New targeted decisions: recruit prisoners, ask vassals individually to end their wars with each other, ask characters to leave their court and ask their vassals to return to gavelkind succession.

50 new nicknames: 'One-Eye', 'the Frog', 'the Cannibal', 'the Hideous', 'the Resilient', etc.

Interactions with prisoners: Humiliate, Torture, Mutilate, Bad poetry and Consume (if cannibal). [10]

31 execution methods, including Hanging, Crushing, Sawing, and Bear.

Reactions events to the death of lovers, friends, and rivals

Events around cats

Fuck it, gonna have to get this on release.

Stuff on the forums never ceases to crack me up. :D

Relatively new player here.

So I randomly received an Attractive Quick courtier with really good stats, including 30 Intrigue. I made her my Spymaster. We became Lovers and have consistent 100 Opinion of each other. My first wife was perfectly fine, but I like my super hot and super capable Spymaster better and she's also 5 years younger with a nice looking portrait. So I murdered my wife and married my Spymaster, and made her my Regent too. I also got some nice Lover events which made this seem the happiest marriage ever.

Now my youngest brother is a very good military leader with 17 Martial. I conquered a neighboring Duchy with his help, so I landed him in the Duchy. I also made a really good marriage deal for him with an Attractive princess from another kingdom. Just before my youngest brother could get married, he died in suspicious circumstances. Since I was his heir, I inherited his Duchy which was admittedly a nice Duchy.

A quick look in a save file confirmed my suspicion that my darling Spymaster wife killed my little brother. She's not Cruel or Ruthless or Kind or Family Person, just your regular Quick Ambitious Diligent Patient 30 Intrigue Illusive Shadow Spymaster.

Question: Why did she kill my brother? Is it because I was my brother's heir?

Is she going to kill other members of my house? Especially my heir whose mother was my first wife? Is she going to kill me, her liege and lover who raised her from obscurity to the elite of the world? My eldest son and carefully-groomed heir is 14 years old with 13 Intrigue. I have 22 Intrigue. My youngest brother whom my Spymaster wife killed had 3 Intrigue. I have a son by my Spymaster wife who would become my heir if my eldest son dies.

How do I prevent my overpowered Spymaster wife from killing members of my own house? I like her but this killing has got to stop. I give the word for the killings here, not her.

Oh and my Spymaster wife keeps uncovering Plots from my other trusted advisors including my Marshall and my Treasurer. Needless to say I did nothing about those. Is she moving to kill them too?

Please help. I feel trapped.


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Sweet space-jesus, the visuals have been upgraded!


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Holy shit! Looks awesome! :O


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Not the most exciting trailer and the expansion is a bit pricey at 20€, but it is pretty sweet combined with the new free patch features. Basically, forget anything you knew about how the game works because just about everything has been changed somehow. Now you can conquer, enslave AND eat aliens for one thing. Heavy references to anything from Starship Troopers (you can play as a hive mind can only conquer and consume other aliens) to Warhammer (explore the "shroud" aka Warp until shit goes wrong).

Galaxy settings for a chill game: huge galaxy, 15-20 empires, minimum habitable worlds. Hyperdrive-only-game is pretty interesting to play.

Mods that don't change the game, just add cosmetic things for the most part and don't require any tweaking (ignore any out-dated warnings): - to make sure your galaxy isn't boring - flags and emblems - more flags and more emblems - much more colors, very nice now that your ship color matches your primary flag color - great looking star system backgrounds

And these *cough* super awesome mods are a must have: - downscaled ships - epic explosions