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Diablo II Mod - Path of Diablo
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:16:13 AM »

I've been looking forward to the possibility that Blizzard will one day release an HD Diablo 2 with a bit of rebalance, some quality of life features and a new Battle.net.
So it happens, that all of this is pretty much available today thanks to awesome modders and the Path of Diablo project.

I tried it yesterday, and honestly it was way better then I could have hoped. They have localized servers in Europe, but everyone's character is still on a global Path of Diablo realm. You can just join in or create a game to a German server, or a Danish server, or a Swedish server or play on a US server etc... Whatever you want.

So this is basically a new Battle.net with better servers? It's more!
They did a full pass on the game and rebalanced most aspects & added new abilities! Some stuff that Blizzard nerfed (just because they were popular) are made variable again such as Bow Amazon. Abilities that were under performers were given a second chance. From the first feel of things, they have done a great job.

Official Website:

What does this mod do in short? About:

What does this mod do in detail? Patch Notes:



1. Grab Diablo 2 + Diablo 2 LOD Direct Play 1.13C or 1.14D
2. Download: https://pathofdiablo.com/wiki/index.php?title=Download
3. Install and you are done!

To use resolutions higher then 800x600, you have to set up the GLIDE3 to OpenGL Wrapper.

OpenGL -infos/Query OpenGL -infos
settings/desktopresolution [check]
renderer/texture-memory [64MB]
renderer/buffer-texture-size [2048x2048]
renderer/32 bit rendering [check]
renderer/texture for videos [check]
renderer/bilinear filtering [check]
renderer/shader-gamma [check]

You can even add the Steam Overlay to it.
Just add as a Non-Steam Game with "E:\Games\Diablo 2\Path of Diablo\Diablo II.exe" and launch options as follows:
-w -skiptobnet -3dfx

Remember? I remember! :D